vinyl record


Programs #8724 & #8725

International Lutheran Layman's League 1987
Music Style: Various

Available on vinyl.

Side 1:
1.  Break The Chain - Morgan Cryar
2.  The Beat - White Heart
3.  Mad at the World - Mad at the World
4.  Living Dead - Mad at the World
5.  Taking the Easy Way Out - Mad at the World

6.  Stand Up, Follow Me - September
7.  Defender - Randy Stonehill

8.  Joyful Blues - Paul Johnson & The Packards

Side 2:
1.  That's Not For Me - Justus
2.  You're Alright - Michael W. Smith
3.  Winning Back the Rock - Geoff Moore
4.  Trouble Tonight - Geoff Moore
5.  Underground River - Benny Hester

6.  Joyful Blues - Paul Johnson & The Packards

On accompanying insert:
"Although musically influenced by Depeche Mode, Mad at the World's music reflects songwriter Roger Rose's Christian faith."

Interspersed with the MATW songs on side 1 is an interview that Brian Quincy Newcomb had with Roger Rose. (Side 2 contains an interview with Geoff Moore.)

The songs "Mad at the World," "Living Dead," and "Taking the Easy Way Out" originally appeared on the studio album Mad At The World.