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Frontline Records
ac/chr Radio Sampler:
art 4 the ears vol. 6

Frontline Records 1992
Music Style: Rock

Available on compact disc.

Track Listing:
1.  Shine, Jesus, Shine - Breakaway Praise feat. Crystal Lewis
2.  I'd Rather Have Jesus (Radio Mix) - Jacobs Trouble
3.  I've Got a Heaven (Black Rose Arrangement) - Mad at the World
4.  What Love Won't Do - P.I.D.
5.  Keep Holdin' On - Scott Blackwell

6.  All I Need - Sanctuary Praise feat. Rachel Rachel
7.  Nothing's Gonna Stand (Radio Mix) - Heartsong

8.  Heavenly Love - Edin-Adahl
9.  Temple - Edin-Adahl

This version of "I've Got A Heaven" has a different instrument backing track than the original version.  The original version appears on the studio album Through the Forest.