Benjamin Jacobs

Ben Jacobs was the lead guitarist for MATW for the final two studio albums, The Ferris Wheel (1993) and The Dreamland Cafe (1995). Ben was also the lead guitarist of Randy Rose's metal band Rose at this time. Ben was invited to join MATW after its original guitarist, Brent Gordon, had left.

After the disbandment of MATW, Jacobs formed the band The Jolly Lamas in southern California. Chris Ford was recruited to play guitar & bass, and Bob Hall played drums for the band. Their debut album Two Seconds to the Moon was produced and mixed by Roger and Randy Rose.

Two Seconds to the Moon earned the Jolly Lamas a nomination for "Best Local Recording" at the 1998 San Diego Music Awards, and another nomination in 2001 for best adult alternative album. This album also received attention from motion picture and television industries when the song "Yank My Chain" was featured in the indie classic The Others (1997) and the song "Football Hero" was performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

With the release of Coming Back in 2005, the band became a quartet with the addition of bassist Anton Jacobs.

Studio Albums:

Jolly Lamas
Two Seconds to the Moon
Released in 1996 on Rainband Records
Genre: Alternative Rock

Jolly Lamas
Coming Back
Released in 2005
Genre: Alternative Rock

Rockin' the Standards
Released in 2008
Genre: Educational Rock

Ben's portfolio site filled with art, webstuff, multimedia, and music.

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Fan page for the metal band Rose, which Ben was a guitarist for in 1991.

MySpace: Rockin' the Standards
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Purchase songs from the Jolly Lamas's album Coming Back.

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