Mad At The World


A world full of changes, some more noticeable than others, is what people have grown accustomed to. The seasons is only one example of change the world withstands everyday. Deeper than all seasons is the seasons of love, a subject Mad At The World has much to say about. A changed band, from their music to their message, MATW continues to sing about real life pains and joys. "The theme of Mad At The World was a wonderful twist for a Christian band because it gave me a good basis from which to write," Roger Rose, lead vocalist said. "I could from a Christian perspective tackle issues about the world. Almost every song has something to do with world values as they are right or wrong, sacred or not sacred and how they relate to Christianity and how they became perverted by the world."

From humble beginnings as a studio project that Roger began, MATW formed while their first record was being made. Roger said it was hard in the early stages to support an album that was so keyboard-oriented. The band slowly transformed into its present stage. After experiencing 'technical difficulties' at every performance, changes had to be made. Mike moved to the electric bass rather than keyboards and Brent was added to the band as lead guitarist. "I think we still sound like MATW but there's definitely some change," Roger said.


All four members of the band grew up in Irvine, California, attending the same school and listening to similar styles of music. The brothers, Roger and Randy, grew up in a Christian home and have been Christians most of their lives. "I'm really thankful for my Christian foundation because it kept me out of drugs and alcohol and everything that some people get caught in," Roger said. "Yet I didn't take my relationship with God and the Bible at all seriously until I was about 18 or 19."

Mike became a Christian and influenced Roger with his excitement and charisma about God. Mike's zeal reintroduced Roger to God. "I had never experienced that type of Christian before," Roger said.

Brent, a native of Ohio, grew up in a dysfunctional Christian home where he had a very structured Christian life. His parents divorced and the result was a young life spent moving back and forth from his father's in Ohio and his mother's home in California. Parochial school was not a solution despite his parents' insistence on his attendance. A confused youth finally came to a reckoning point when he denounced his need for God openly to his mother at age 14. "Immediately the conviction hit me of what I had just said," Brent said. "I was basically laying my cards on the table and saying I didn't want God in my life." The result was his pure repentance and accepting Christ as his Savior.


Simply put, MATW's ministry is in their music. "As a Christian album, the predictable thing to do would be to talk about the optimistic, encouraging, flowery, happy, wonderful shades of love only and stop there, but that would be dishonest and phony," Roger said. "Love is so complex and far reaching that I could have taken five albums to attempt to find the seasons of love, but in this one album, I only scratched the surface. I tried to be honest which is what a Christian album has never done before."