Rose Kickstarter

Support the Kickstarter for the new album "Songs For The Ritually Abused."

MySpace Music: Roger Rose
Roger Rose's official MySpace page containing new demos.

The Phantom Tollbooth
Contains a 1998 review of the World History CD. (This review incorrectly states that the songs were re-recorded for this retrospective CD.)

Jesus Freak Hideout
Contains reviews of the first 5 MATW CDs.

Christian Guitar Resources
Contains guitar tabs of the MATW songs "Ballad of Adam and Eve," "Eyes of Heaven," "Dreamland Caf," and "On the Stage."

Brent Gordon's Music Page
Music performed and recorded by Brent Gordon (the first MATW guitarist) as a hobby. A few songs feature Roger Rose.

The Covers Project
Shows the cover songs that relate to MATW.

A message board that has a topic devoted to MATW.

A site that can help you search for out-of-print and/or used MATW CDs.

Purchase songs from the seven studio MATW albums.

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