What does Frontline mean to you?
Interview with Roger Rose. Includes live version of the song "No Mistakes."

Dancing on Your Grave
Music video of the song that appears on the Flowers in the Rain CD (1988).

Voice of Roger Rose for the Silent Witness radio show in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was recorded at King's Place in Columbus, Ohio, during the Boomerang/Through The Forest tours, which would put it somewhere around 1991 or 1992. Special thanks to Jamie Carper of Silent Witness for this file and information. [236 K]

Living Dead
Fan-made cover of the synthpop song from the MATW debut album. [6.7 MB]

Through the Forest tour (1992)
Incomplete concert footage from the Cornerstone festival at Bushnell, Illinois.

Interview on Real Videos (1993)
Real Videos host Matt Crouch interviews MATW and introduces the world premiere video "Eyes of Heaven."

The Dreamland Café tour (1995)
Concert in northern Texas featuring songs from both MATW and Rose.

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