Randy Rose formed the band Mothership and also worked on other projects in order to experiment with different musical styles than what he had previously done with Mad at the World and his metal band Rose.  In 1995, Randy worked on a side project called Mood Ring, and he released the song "Mood Ring" on a R.E.X. compilation that year.  In 1997, Randy released a 7" vinyl record of rockabilly songs using the band name The Crocodiles.  This release titled Black Tar contained the songs "Grease" and "In Your Arms."  Also in 1997, Randy formed Mothership (briefly named Saturn Project) with cousin Danny Rose and released an album titled L.P. that contained ethereal synth music.   In 2002, Randy abandoned the synthpop sound and continued his band Mothership into the realm of alternative rock.   The subsequent album Rockstar is often compared with the style of Weezer, The Vines, and The Strokes.


"Suffocate" from
new musiq volume 1


"Mood Ring" from
Are We Not Men?
We Are Demo!

"Don't Hate Me" from
electric music
compilation 1

The Crocodiles:
black tar