Mad At The World

S E A S O N S  O F  L O V E

Love is so complex and far reaching, I could have taken five albums to attempt to define all the seasons of love. But on this one I only scratched the surface. I tried to be honest which is what Christian albums more than ever need to be. I wrote about loving yourself, taking love for granted, losing love, not loving yourself, being afraid of love to the point of never giving love a chance, holding on to anger which kills love in all other areas of our lives, repecting love as the sacred thing that it is, and finally seeing God as the source of eternal unchanging perfect love and making that our foundation for basing all relationships on.

Narrow Road - The person in this song saw himself on a road leading to death and destruction and called out to God for mercy, forgiveness, and rededication.

Seasons Of Love - I hear a lot of people say that true love is just a dream or a hope that fools believe in. I do believe that true love can come to all if we never stop believing God. If you're alone now, maybe it's just winter time or autumn; but spring time brings new birth to all that died in winter. The trick is to not let your heart become cold and hardened by the disappointment of the past.

City Of Anger - Love will never get past the walls of hate you build around your heart. We'll never be able to give or receive love until we forgive everyone for the wrongs done to us.

When The Wind Blows - I broke up with a girlfriend of mine and it was devastating to me. Writing this song was part of my healing process.

Marshmallow Land - We made up a new term for an attitude of being paranoid of love. This is caused by being hurt so many times in the past. You never will let it happen again. But it's a no-win situation because it also closes the door to anyone who could love you in a good way. Satan wants you to have this same attitude towards God. Then he'll have you by default.

Summer's Gone - This song is about not taking love for granted while you have it - like so many people do.

Promised Land - Satan is the father of lies and the great deceiver. Drugs promise a place of escape that reality can't offer, and so many kids and adults have believed the lie and are now dead or addicted to a mind-altering, life-destroying substance leading them straight to Hell.

So Insane - I've never understood taking drugs. I know that life is hard, but drugs only make life harder. My personal ultimate statement against drugs is that I've never even tried them. Not one joint, not even one taste of one beer. I only say this because it's true and to show you that the statement that "everyone's doing it" is a lie. Everyone's not doing it and you don't have to ever do it. And, if you are... stop doing it. Drugs are sinful, stupid, and they'll kill you.

It's Not A Joke - Nowadays, things that once were sacred arent' that sacred anymore. Like love from your past (verse 1), human life (verse 2), and God's love (verse 3). The chorus says I think they are sacred.

The Love That Never Fades - This is the most important song lyrically on this album. Without God's love that is unchanging, unconditional, and perfect, what is there? Nothing. My point is there exsits a foundation to build our lives around. A sanctuary from all life's failures and disappointments - it never ceases to be there. Receiving God's love means security. Security that no one should live without.