vinyl record

Programs #8648 & #8649

International Lutheran Layman's League 1986
Music Style: Various

Available on vinyl.

Side 1:
1.  Mad at the World - Mad at the World
2.  Threshing Floor - Steve Camp
3.  The Golden Rule - Chris Eaton
4.  Love Falls Down - The Choir

5.  Wear Your Colors - Rick Cua

6.  Joyful Blues - Paul Johnson & The Packards

Side 2:
1.  Every Moment - Degarmo & Key
2.  Vision - Chris Eaton
3.  Breakaway - Idle Cure
4.  Counting the Cost - Charlie Peacock
5.  You Are Loved - Alter Boys

6.  Joyful Blues - Paul Johnson & The Packards

On accompanying insert:
"...The program also showcases new music from Mad at the World and The Choir (formerly Youth Choir)."

Both sides of this record include an interview with Chris Eaton. A different Crosswalk record (Program #8724) includes an interview with MATW's Roger Rose.

The song "Mad at the World" eventually appeared on the debut studio album Mad At The World.